1.     Why are my changes not being saved when I move from page to page or tab to tab within the system?

Answer: When moving through the system, you MUST click the blue “Save” button prior to moving to clicking on another tab, page, or link in order for you changes to be saved. Otherwise any unsaved data will be lost.

2.     Why am I required to have an acep.org web account?

Answer: Your acep.org web credentials will be utilized to access the HighMarksCE System so that you may submit a new application and/or complete CME application requirements. Your web credentials are tied to the organization that you are affiliate with which are used to determine which application types you are eligible to apply for as well as the related pricing structure.


3.     Where can I find information on the CME pricing structure?

Answer: When you access the HighMarksCE system using your acep.org web credentials:


  • Click on the “My Applications” link from the right hand navigation pane
  • Select Your Account
  • Click on the “pricing schedule” link


4.     What are the application submission timelines?


Live Activity applications must be submitted less than 30 days from the start date of the first occurrence.

Enduring Material activities must be submitted less than 60 days from the date of release.


5.     Why is there a longer deadline for Enduring Material activity submissions?

Answer: Enduring material applications require outside review by an ACEP National Education Representative to ensure content validity and determine the number of hours to be awarded.


6.     When are “Rush” fees charged?

Answer: Rush fees are automatically charged for all submissions received outside of stated application submission timelines.


7.     Can I choose to pay a Rush fee for a submission received within stated timelines in order to meet deadlines related to promotional materials?

Answer: Yes, for an additional fee, you may request that preliminary review of your application be rushed. Once a rush application is submitted, it moves your application to the front of all non-rush applications. All rush applications will be handled in the order in which they have been received.


8.     What credit types does ACEP offer?

Answer: ACEP offers three credit types as follows:

AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM which is owned by the American Medical Association (AMA) and accredited by the Accreditation for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to meet physician continuing medical education requirements. ACEP is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. All activities accredited by ACEP require an ACEP member in good standing to be involved in activity planning, development, and implementation as the Educational Planning Representative.


ACEP Category I Credit which is owned by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and utilized by ACEP members to meet internal membership requirements. This credit is available to any entity hosting an activity that has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM by an ACCME accredited provider or that are jointly sponsored by ACEP. Activity content is reviewed to ensure that it is directly related to the practice of emergency medicine based on the “Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine”.


CAPCE Credit which is owned by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services to meet EMT and Paramedic continuing education requirements. ACEP is accredited by CAPCE to provide continuing medical education for EMT’s and Paramedics. This credit type is offered on a limited basis and requires content review by ACEP’s Education Committee-EMS Subcommittee.


9.     How do I know what “Activity Type” to choose?

Answer: Activities are either a live course where the learner participates in person or an enduring material. The American Medical Association (AMA) has identified 11 enduring material types, 9 of which may be accredited by ACEP. A complete list to include definitions is accessible as follows:


  • Click on the “My Applications” link from the right hand navigation pane
  • Select Your Account
  • Click on the “Create New Application” button
  • Click on the “activity type descriptions” link under the “Activity Type” section

10.    What is an “occurrence”?


An occurrence is an offering of a live activity (course) that is held multiple times for multiple audiences within a 1 year time period. The activity content must be the same as that which was initially submitted and approved in order to qualify as an occurrence. Each occurrence is required to be reported separately on the ACCME annual PARS report.

Enduring Materials also have occurrence as they may be approved for a 3-year time period. Dependent upon the launch date, an enduring material may have 3 or 4 annual occurrences that are reportable on the ACCME annual PARS report.


11.    When is “occurrence” information entered?

Answer: You should enter information for all live activity occurrences you are aware of at the time of application submission. If you need to add additional occurrences post-submission, you will need to contact ACEP CME Staff at cmecoordinator@acep.org so that they may enter the information via the admin portal.


12.    How many Gap Analysis are required for an activity?

Answer: ACEP requires a minimum of 1 Gap Analysis per activity. However, the recommendation is:

For live activities, 1 Gap Analysis per day for a live activity or 1 Gap Analysis per track.

For enduring material activities, 1 Gap Analysis per every 5-8 hours of CME credit offered.


13.    When is reporting of a Third Party and completion of a Third Party Questionnaire to Determine Status as a Commercial Interest (CI) required?

Answer: You must report all entities you are collaborating with on the planning, development, and/or implementation of the activity. Examples are: hospitals, universities, educational partners/companies, medical associations, other ACEP State Chapters, etc.


14.    How do I know which document uploads are required for my activity type?

Answer: When you click on the “Document” tab, you will see a list of documents in “red” font that are required for your activity type. The “Document Classification” drop down link will allow you to select the document you would like to upload. Required documents are also in “red” font on the drop down link and non-required and/or optional documents are reflected in “black” font.

15.    Why am I unable to submit my application?

Answer: If one or more required steps have not been completed to include form fields and/or document uploads, you will receive a message when you click on the “Finalize” tab and will not be able to proceed with payment and submission of your application until everything has been completed.

16.    Why must the Education Planning Representative be an ACEP member in good standing?

Answer: In order to accredit activities for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM and/or CAPCE Credit, ACEP must be able to demonstrate active involvement in the planning, development, and implementation of all accredited activities.


17.    What is the “My Applications” section for? Where do I upload required pre-activity, post-activity and/or ACCME annual report requirements?

Answer: The “My Applications” is where you will upload all pre-activity, post-activity and/or ACCME annual reporting requirements.


18.    What is the “Required Forms” section for?

Answer: The “Required Forms” section is where you will go to view and/or update your personal Financial Disclosure form.

19.    What is the “My Applications” section for?

Answer: The “My Applications” section is where you will go to view a list of all application submissions. You will be able to edit applications that have not yet been finalized, View/Print information submitted to date in the various form fields, delete “incomplete” activities that you have chosen not to move forward with, and/or duplicate applications previously submitted for a prior year that you would like to “clone” and then update for a future year.


20.    What do I do if the system indicates “Missing All Required Responses” related to the annual Financial Disclosure Form requirement for an individual I have assigned a role to?

Answer: If you assign a role to an individual and receive a “Missing All Required Responses” message next to the Financial Disclosure form requirement, it means that they have either not completed an annual Financial Disclosure form in ACEP’s Master Disclosure System to date and/or not updated it for the current calendar year. Please click on the “Contact Now” link to send them an e-mail requesting that they log-in to ACEP’s Master Disclosure System at https://cmeapproval.acep.org to complete and/or update their form.


21.    What do I do if I upload a document using the incorrect document classification during the application phase?

Answer: If you upload a document and choose an incorrect document classification from the drop down menu during the application phase, all you need to do is locate your document based on its description under the “Edit Documents” section and then choose the correct document name from the “Document Tag” drop down menu.

22.    Can I upload multiple documents using the same “Document Classification” name?

Answer: Yes, you may upload multiple documents using the same Document Classification name, however, we suggest that you utilize different document names so that you will be able to easily distinguish between the various documents.


23.    Why am I unable to finalize my application submission and am seeing a message that the “People” step has not been completed when I have completed all required “Application Submission” fields and have uploaded all documents required for my activity type?

Answer: If the only error message you are receiving related to finalizing you application submission is that all steps haven’t yet been completed for the “People” section, it is because one or more individuals have not yet completed/updated their Financial Disclosure Form” for the current calendar year. All individuals are required to submit their disclosure forms before you will be able to proceed.

24.    What is difference between "Acceptance" and "Approval" of an application?


Acceptance means that the application and payment has been successfully received by ACEP and that based on the information provided meets the initial eligibility criteria for consideration of accrediation by ACEP.

Approval means that ACEP has designated the maximum number of CME credits to be awarded for the activity. ACEP CME Staff will send an e-mail to the "Main Contact" once activity approval has been granted.

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